Tattoo fail

Ever woken up in the morning after a night out with friends and realize you have a tattoo on your face? Well, from growing up, you can possibly write a book of all the dumb things you have done. No matter the wrong things done you can always come out clean. What if the dumb things you have done since your childhood remain on your body as a tattoo where they are easily seen? No matter what men do, there are some tattoos they should avoid at all costs. Tattoos are pretty awesome when done nicely. However, they can turn out to be a big nightmare if done wrongly. Most people do tattoos that turn out to be a big mistake. No matter what you do, here are some of the tattoos men should avoid.

1) Well, butterflies are beautiful and can look good on any person. However, butterfly tattoos are strictly meant for girls. So if you wake up with a butterfly tattoo pray that it is in a place where it cannot be see or else you will be mocked too often.

2) Even if you are a vegetarian having such a kind of a tattoo will always give you some sniggering looks. No man is prepared to have such looks from everybody who sees your tattoo. You want your tattoo to be liked not create some very sniggering looks.

3) Well do this only when you’re sure the love is forever. The love for your partner might fade away with time but the tattoo will always remain making other girls you might want to date feel unease with it. Every man should think twice before having that name of your lover been imprinted into your skin even if it’s meant to impress them.

4) Some scary facial tattoos should be avoided if one wants to remain within the changing world. Some face tattoos of dragons and some scary animals are not ideal for the face as the tattoo trends change very quickly. Tattoos remain forever but men will always want to change.

5) Tattoos of famous celebrities are not ideal for men as this celebrities might lose the fame with time. That famous personality might not be there tomorrow but the tattoo will always remain and have no meaning to most people around you.

6) Avoid the tattoo of that pin up girl as this might not give you the attention you need from other girls. Further, most of your friends will think that you’re obsessed with the girl and this will give you a bad impression. Do these only when you get close and personal with her but still never make the tattoo permanent.

7) This girl might not be the love of your life as you taught earlier. The tattoo will always bring bad memories and scare away other ladies.

8) Skeletal figures are not ideal as you will soon outgrow them and want to appear as a family man that your children will look up to. Tattoos like this give grim deceptions of death and sorrow and can scare ladies away.

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